We visited Dr Radhakrishna for my son’s hip problem.

Dr Radhakrishna, explained us the health issue. He explained us well and made us understand the issue and expected result before the surgery. After that, My son underwent surgery and recovering very well.

Above all, Dr Radhakrishna is very friendly caretaker. He

To sum up, I am happy with treatment satisfaction and waiting time. I strongly recommend the Dr Radhakrishna.

Treatment is excellent on the follow up visit too.

Dileepa Kumar Hegde

We visited Dr Radhakrishna for my daughter’s elbow pain.

Dr Radhakrishna is fabulous. I am very happy with his service.

He has magic hands, because he resolved my daughter’s elbow pain within a minute. Above all, my daughter’s problem was solved without any medicine.

In conclusion, I recommend the doctor. In addition, I am happy with treatment satisfaction and value for money.

Consultation fee is also reasonable.

Thanks a lot Sir.

Ajeya H

I recommend the doctor and happy with doctor friendliness and explanation of the health issue. Most satisfied and treated us at comfort and generosity thanks will recommend. It’s the second visit but they treated us very good

Sulaxana Jyothi davuluri

We visited Dr Radhakrishna for the Elbow Deformity Correction.

I am happy with explanation of health issue. Similarly treatment is awesome.

In addition to value for time and money, nice hospitality.

I would like to refer Dr. Radhakrishna for my friends and family.

Raghav .G

We consulted Dr Radhakrishna. My son is having knee knock deformity. Then he evaluated our son and explained us the health issue.

Afterwards my son underwent left knee deformity correction. My son is doing good.

To sum up, we are very satisfied with treatment offered and over all good.

Above all, Dr. Radhakrishna is super and very friendly doctor.

To conclude, I am fully satisfied and  I strongly recommend the doctor.

Mahesh. V

We visited Dr Radhakrishna for the treatment of our daughters thumb problem. Firstly doctor patiently heard to our concern, meanwhile he observed our child thumb deformity. Our daughter was co-operative for examination because the act of playing was involved. So his way of approach for diagnosing the disease is amazing !

Above all, Dr Radhakrishna is very humble and polite. To sum up he understood the issue very quickly.

In short, we are happy and satisfied with treatment.

We recommend the doctor…

Lipika G

We visited Dr Radhakrishna for  the treatment of our 7 year old son Raghav’s left arm fracture. Firstly, he understood our anxiety. Secondly, patiently heard to us and gave ample amount of time at every visit.

Further, Dr Radhakrishna exceeded our expectations. Both in terms of treatment quality & making us comfortable. For instance, we had many questions around getting his movements back to normal.

Moreover, he connected with personal interest by regularly tracking the progress. Meanwhile, he constantly guided us with Do’s & Don’ts.

Above all, very rare to find such humble doctors, exceptional with work & humane with approach.

Thanks a lot doctor and may your tribe increase.


I visited Dr Radhakrishna for my son’s fracture treatment.
I am happy with my doctor MR RADHA KRISHNA SIR and his way of treatment is more than what I expected….

Mr Ramesh

I consulted Dr Radhakrishna for my child’s foot injury. He was evaluated by the doctor with the necessary investigation. We are very happy with the doctor as he was precise in noticing the problem and treating with medication and rest. It is very early to know the results, while the child is feeling better in the hands of a good doctor.  Above all, Dr Radhakrishna is a very friendly doctor and caringly explains the health issues. To sum up, I am very satisfied with the treatment. Dr Radhakishna’s consultation is the true value for money and wait time is also not much. To conclude, I strongly recommend the doctor.

Veena H

We visited Dr. Radhakrishna for the treatment of my daughter’s right-hand injury. My daughter is 6 years old and she sustained an injury to the right hand due to fall at home.

We were lucky to be attended on the day of injury during the COVID lockdown period. Dr. Radhakrishna attended to my daughter’s injury immediately. After the clinical evaluation, an x-ray was done which revealed a broken right hand. Then immediately the treatment was started with plaster application. My daughter was discharged from the hospital on same evening. The proper guidance on home management like limb elevation and finger mobilization was taught to us.

We are very happy and glad that we got very good treatment from the doctor.

Above all in a difficult time, the doctor treated us like a family member and eased our concern.

So I strongly recommend Dr. Radhakrishna for all the Paediatric Orthopaedic related health issues to all our family members and friends.